4 Best Attractions To Visit When In France4 Best Attractions To Visit When In France

France is historically renowned for its art, architecture, iconic landmarks as well as cuisines. When in France, whether on business or on pleasure there are things to do that are only unique to France.

You will definitely not get a similar experience elsewhere. Whether looking for outdoor fun or simple laid back activities, France is your destination of choice.

We take a look at 4 of our best suggestions of things to do when in France.

#1 A visit to the Eiffel Tower

Did you know that about seven million people visit the Eiffel Tower every year? Well this is simply because this is the crown jewel of France and the only concrete evidence you will ever have of having visited this beautiful country.

It is especially a panoramic scenery when you visit it at night as you get to enjoy a skyline view of the rest of the City of Paris.

#2 Sample out French cuisines at various spots

France is famous for its cuisines both traditional and modern. If you are a foodie, you better make sure your to do list includes a night out sampling French cuisines.

There are a couple of suggested venues such as the Néo Bistro in Paris, Les Cocottes just next to the Eiffel Tower, or Jadis. These eateries are known for the creative twist that the chefs add to the delicacies. Truly mouthwatering!

#3 Sample French Champagne

France is the home of some of the biggest Champagne houses in the world. You therefore cannot make reference to France without making reference to Champagne. As part of your to-do list, sampling champagne needs to be one of the top activities.

Make it a point to visit Moët & Chandon, Mumm and Mercier which are renowned Champagne houses for a tasting, not forgetting the small scale winegrowers and Champagne houses that always have their doors open to visitors interested in tasting their brands.

#4 A climb up the Dune du Pilat

France offers some of the best outdoor experiences if you are more of an outdoor person. The Dune du Pilat which is the largest sand dune in Europe provides one of those must do activities that you just cannot ignore.

It is a sand dune that looks more like a mountain that shouts “climb me” from a distance. While on the dune, you can get a panoramic view of the Atlantic coastline. You can choose to enjoy the sight of surfers on the ocean or cycle down the dune where upon getting to the bottom, you will get to catch your breath and relax eating the local delicacy of oysters and crepinettes which is basically a sausage.

These are just some of the ways to enjoy your stay in France but we guarantee you there are plenty more fun and memorable activities to do if you have more time on your hands. France is one of those travel destinations that you will never tire of and you will always look forward to coming back for more.